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2 June 2017 Posted by admin Data No Comments

Marketing professionals often see E-Mail and data appends as mediums that can help grow new email subscribers, and improve the information about existing ones. These measures can improve your E-Mail marketing campaigns drastically.

E-Mail Appends

E-Mail appending is the process of adding a valid email address to a contact list in your database. These contacts typically fall into one of four categories:

  • Contacts for which you have no email address but you have their first and last name and physical address.
  • Contacts with old or outdated email addresses.
  • Contacts that have become dormant and you are not sure if their email address is valid.
  • Contacts that are not responsive to the email address on file, but they may have a more current one.


Although E-Mail appending might seem like an excellent approach towards building a strong database, there are certain disadvantages to it. E-Mail addresses can be appended only to individuals that:

  • Opted-in to receive emails from a particular brand,
  • Have a prior business relationship with a certain brand, such as a purchase or an inquiry for more information, and
  • Have not opted out of any email programs from a specific brand.


Data Appends

Data appending is nothing but reverse E-Mail appending; you add information about the subscribers based on their email address. It is quite normal to miss out relevant information such as; postal addresses, dates of birth, occupation, income etc, while E-Mail appending. Through data appending, developers can append such information into their database.


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