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Conference Leads Inc. provides lucid and bona fide information on the consumer population that you wish to target. Our data sources are a hundred percent valid and reliable. We have over 11,000 compact affiliates; who have been appointed exclusively to attend trade shows, conferences, and summits all over the globe. Through them, we update executive details into our internal CRM.

We are not limited to compact affiliates. Our team at Conference Leads Inc. depends on a variety of mediums for flawless data collection; such as, subscriptions from online portals, surveys, newsletters, event attendee lists, new business registrations, and direct research. Public record data is updated to the database from County Courthouse Filings, SEC filings, 10k filings, and Secretary of State Data.

Once the data is sourced, the data is processed to our email proprietary software; which removes the invalid email addresses, domains, and hosts. Our telemarketing team then calls each and every contact to ensure the validity of the contact details obtained. We also carry out a manual email verification of these contacts to check the deliverability of the E-Mail addresses. An opt-out email is sent to all these contacts to confirm if they are interested in receiving marketing, business opportunities, and promotional emails from various clients of ours. If they choose to opt-in, we add them to our database. A final confirmation email is sent to these contacts to re-verify their interest. Hence, they will be listed as opt-in contacts. The contacts that choose to opt-out, or unsubscribe, will be removed from our database.

We split apart and catalog 5,320 phone books, annual reports, and other business directories to find information on nearly every business in the nation. Around 25,000 contacts from new businesses are added to our database every month from sources; such as, new business registrations, and utility hookups; so, you can be the first to reach latest and best deals in the market. Every month, we match and clean the data with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4, and Delivery Sequence File; to standardize and keep the addresses accurate. We hand-key each record to make sure you have the most reliable information available.