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With your data purchase from Conference Leads Inc, we offer you a free initial E-Mail campaign; in order to assist you execute E-Mail campaigns to your target audience in the future. This will give you a thorough knowledge on how E-Mail campaigning can be conducted. It can also be considered as an initial promotion of your products/services to your consumers. Once the purchase-associated campaign is completed, we will send you a detailed Post-Campaign Report with important information such as; Click through rate, Open rate, Prospects who unsubscribed, Undelivered E-Mails, Bounce backs, etc. in 2-3 business days.

Campaign templates designed by your marketing team, subject line, date and time of execution, etc. will be collected.

A trial E-Mail will be sent out to you and your team; in order to check if the final campaign output is perfect, or if there is a requirement for changes.

The first set of E-Mails with the provided template will be sent to all the prospects included in the specific database.

Immediately after the E-Mail send-out, the client will receive an E-Mail deliverability report; in order to monitor the number of E-Mails successfully delivered.

The clients will be provided a detailed post-campaign report; containing information such as pre-campaign summary, post-campaign analysis, open rates, click-thrughs, E-Mail bounces, as well as unsubscribes, three to four days after the initial deliverability report.